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Anna Katarzyna Agata Kantarek,

dr hab. inż. architekt, prof. PK
Tel. 12 628 24 34
p. 1.12, ul. Podchorążych 1


Associate Professor, D. Sc., Ph. D., Architect, Engineer, SARP (Association of Polish Architects), MOIA (Lesser Poland Regional Chamber of Architects), TUP (Society of Polish Town Planners), PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences), Creator Architect SARP status
Associate Professor in Institute of Urban Design, Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology, head of Division of Urban Spaces
Vice-Dean in Faculty of Architecture CUT responsible for teaching programs and school accreditations (2012-2016)

The most important published works:

  • Contemporary idea of urban block in town structure (on example of realizations in Paris 1977-1997 /published in 2004 in Polish/ and On orientation in urban space / published in 2008 in Polish, in 2013 in English/.

  • An author of number of realizations mainly related to housing environment - housing estates in Cracow /Piastowska-Reymonta, Słomiana/ and Mielec /Smoczka, Ks. P. Skargi, Akacjowa, Jaworowa, Sienkiewicza-Drzewieckiego, Zygmuntowska/.

  • She participates in scientific researches and urban and architectural competitions /in 2006 the 1st award in competition for Guidelines for the Local Revitalization Program for Cracow /.

  • Scientific interests: urban composition, morphology and typology of urban form, contemporary city space and structure, housing.